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Email: Maxime { dot } Lhuillier { at } free { dot } fr
Address: Institut Pascal, UMR 6602 CNRS/UCA/SIGMA Clermont,
Campus Universitaire des Cézeaux (4 av. Blaise Pascal),
63178 Aubière Cedex (TSA 60026, CS 60026) - France.
Tel: +33 (0)4 73 40 75 93
Fax: +33 (0)4 73 40 72 62

Packages for Oculus Quest (2) and Go

Here are 3D scans (apk files) that are reconstructed from input videos taken by a helmet-held 360 camera.

Snowy Town (169Mo).
Its md5sum is 199150e9ead1283826c12df1c87cd525

Forest (337Mo).
Its md5sum is a560d8cec85ddf40a0b8a4a6e67e5fae

Semi-medieval town (408Mo).
Its md5sum is ff1ed3c39df7fc4bc08667a6c784e26c

Campus (721Mo).
Its md5sum is 146018af613f24760546f8df83b90845

Verdon's canyon (199Mo).
Its md5sum is 9c9525ba953921d245ddba4f20da31c4

Basalt canyon (786Mo).
Its md5sum is b2672804739b8aefda31d3f04ad15b36

They can be explored by moving like a pedestrian, as shown by videos recorded by a standalone Oculus Quest.
Their descriptions, control instructions and easy installations are available at Sidequest.
See also reduced versions of the scans (with incomplete or lower res. texturing) at Sketchfab: Snowy town, Forest, Semi-medieval town, Campus, Verdon's canyon, Basalt canyon.
Papers about methods and algorithms are available here.
Applications for other VR headsets will be available soon !

Privacy policies: every version of these applications does not process data of the VR user.

Last update on November, 22th 2021.